Economic Empowerment

YWCA supports women’s empowerment and economic advancement, with a particular focus on the reality the way race impacts women’s economic opportunities. Our economic empowerment programs, such as job training, financial literacy, salary negotiation, and leadership development serve hundreds of women in South Florida.

YWCA of Greater Miami-Dade, Inc.’s job is to imagine, fight for and create a more socially just world for the next generation of young women and prepare them for that future.


We help participants build assets and achieve financial goals. Participants earn a dollar in matching funds for every dollar saved. They can earn a maximum amount of $1,000 by building the financial empowerment skill of saving. All Matched Savings clients must participate in financial education and training workshops.

Enrollment is subject to available funding. Income limits and other eligibility criteria apply.

The YWCA offers a range of workshops and classes to empower the financial growth of women. This includes financial literacy for those who need the basic understanding of the economic system. We have a number of partners that allow us to offer career development opportunities in a number of high-need fields like technology.  The YWCA also trains women in the launching and development of their small businesses. Other workshops focus on creating generational wealth. We offer economic resources for women at every stage and in every economic state.